Citadele Business Center is a functional conference hall with modern equipment to satisfy the requirements of any event – be it a

  • seminar;
  • a forum;
  • a meeting;
  • conference;

With its modern interior, efficient layout, and comfortable seating, Citadele conference hall will set a pleasant mood at any event from the start and will leave a lasting impression on the guests.


The conference centre is suitable for events of
up to 200 visitors, or up to 250 visitors with added seats.

It is equipped with multifunctional audio-visual technology for impactful presentations and speeches.

Notably, there are 4 fully equipped booths for simultaneous interpreting, a rear projection screen and stable Wi-Fi coverage everywhere.


If a coffee break arrangement, a business brunch, a full-fledged banquet or a networking events is part of your program, let the guests enjoy it with a unique view over the river Daugava in a room adjacent to the conference hall.

For your guests’ comfort, coats and belongings can be safely stored in the conference center coatroom for the duration of event.